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14 April 2021 - 16 April 2021
Virtual Mission Agro Senegal

Welcome to this virtual mission

Senegal and the Netherlands have long established trade ties. Every year Dutch onions and potatoes make their way on to Senegalese tables, while fruit and vegetables from Senegal are shipped to the Netherlands & onward to the rest of the EU. These ties create opportunities for Senegalese and Dutch organizations who are active in sustainable production, sourcing, processing and import-exports.

But what are these opportunities? And how can Senegalese & Dutch companies, associations, cooperatives and projects make the most of them?

During this Virtual trade & investment mission we will explore concrete opportunities in the onion, potato, EU summer vegetable, mango and poultry supply chains. We will rely on 5 market studies and 7 business cases developed in Senegal in 2020.

Research and (re)discover Senegal, during the digital agro trade and investment mission to Senegal, 14-16 April. An opportunity not to be missed!

Program highlights

Check out our program highlights and please join us by registering on this platform to participate in the mission events and to engage in 1:1 video conversations with pre-selected counterparts. (For more information, visit tab Registration)

The draft programme can be found in the top bar at: Agenda.

1:1 Matchmaking sessions

During this mission, we facilitate 1:1 matchmaking sessions with pre-selected counterparts; a quick and easy way to meet potential partners from the comfort of your own home or office. The 20 or 30 minute sessions provide enough time to build connections. (For more information, visit tab How it works


You can register yourself for this mission via the registration button which you'll find on the right, or in the top bar.  For more detailed information on sector focus and costs, please, visit tab Registration.

Please note, if you work for a Dutch organisation in the Netherlands or for a Dutch organisation in Senegal, please, register as a Dutch participant! Only participants who work for foreign companies, should register as a Senegalese participant.

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